How to reset the "pinch point" for driver door automatic up/down window? on 2005 Volvo S80

The driver door window will not stay up when I use the electric up button. Window goes up but when it hits the top it automatically opens again. How can I reset the top position so it will stay shut?

Asked by for the 2005 Volvo S80
If the power operated window(s) will not fully close, it has to be re-initiated. Procedure for re-initiating is as follows:
1) Engage the auto-down function and remove fuse 27 (11C/27) during the window movement.
2) Install the fuse in position 27.
3) Engage the auto-up function and hold it engaged for 5 seconds after the window has reached its fully closed position.
4) Check the window function after performing this action by opening the window at least 20 centimeters ( 8 inches). Engage the auto-up function and check that the window will go all the way up, (closed position) by pulling the button once again.

The auto up function will be engaged if the button is pulled to the second step and the auto down if the button is pressed to the second step.