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2004 Ford Explorer Question: How to reset the Electronic Throttle Control Light??????

Replaced the Altenator and the electronic throttle control light came on. The light was not on before replacing the Altenator. How do you reset it on 2004 Ford Explorer??? -
Answer 1
If it is on, you most likely have a code stored, so that has to be addressed before the EPC light can be turned off. If you disconnect your battery negative cable, with the key out of the ignition and the doors closed, that can sometimes clear the light, if it does not, you need to have the EPC code cleared. Sometimes replacing an Alternator with out both Battery cables being disconnected can spike the EPC computer and it may need a re-calibration, not some thing a 'home gamer' can do. -
Comment 1
Thanks, How would i clear the EPC code, can the dealer do it ? -
Answer 2
changed the battery and now the wrench light is on and i have no power.what should i do to reset it -