how to reset sunroof switch on 2005 Acura RL

my sunroof switch doesn't work automatically, the dealer had reset it once before i need to reset it don't really want to go to dealer. Thank You

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On a lot of cars if the battery has been removed or gone dead it is neccessary for the windows and sunroof to relearn. On Toyota, Lexus and Jaguar the procedure is easy. run the engine open the roof fully keep the open button held for 5 seconds or so after it is fully open then slide the roof fully forward hold the switch in the full closed position for five or ten seconds and the motor relearns the open and closed positions.
this worked for my 2003 buick regal. thanks
Worked on my 2006 RL after unhooking the battery. Thanks
After the service personal at The Morehead City, NC honda daeler wanted to pull it all apart And God only Knows how much they would have charged) and knowing that the Jacsonville one fixed it quickly before.... I found this and fix my 06 Civic in less then a couple of mins.
I just did the reset procedure on 2005 Acura RL. Works perfect