2001 BMW 325i Q&A

2001 BMW 325i Question: How to replace water tank (black)

I need to know how to replace the crack water resporvoir on my BMW -
Answer 1
It generally just clips on to the radiator. I generally just release the clip(s) and pull up. -
Answer 2
Remove the splash shield under the engine, drain the cooling system. Remove the air filter housing/duct. Disconnect the coolant level switch connector. There is a locking clip at the bottom of the resiviour that pull outward. The coolant sensor turns anti clock wise to withdraw it from the resivior. There are two clips on the top radiator hose that pull upward to remove. There is another locking clip on the middle or side of the resivior you have to release. Tilt the bottle backward and upward to remove. Fit in reverse order, replace all o-rings refill cooling system and allow air to be purged from the cooling system. -