how to replace transmission range sensor on 2003 Ford Taurus

i have disconnect everything but the transmission range sensor would pull up as if something still has it ,need info on how to remove

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take off the 15 mm nut for the linkage and move the arm out of the way. then remove the connector. remove the 2 attaching bolts and lift it up. you may need to put a screw driver on the sensor to start it moving.

i have taken off the top screw 15mm nut and remove part off and also removed screws on each side but now i am looking at a small screw with threads that attached to the top bolt i took off earlier but when i left up to pull sensor out it seems like that screw is still holding it ,does the TRS suppose to lift up over the screw or do i have to get the screw out
the shaft that goes to the valve body is what you see. that stays there. look at the new sensor and you will see the it id keyed to go on 1 way. be patient and work it up with a screw driver.