how to replace the tensioner pulley the diagrams ive seen don't look like mine on 2007 Kia Amanti

theres shows a bolt holding it on but im not seeing one and I know I have the right pulley.

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try or have it done,its a fairly cheap repair
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try or have it done,its a fairly cheap repair
Do you have the right tools?
Yes I have most common tools unless it takes a special tool. I stopped at a KIA store and talked to a mechanic and he said a 10 min job. Just take tension of belt use 14 mm wrench to take bolt out put new pulley on tighten and release belt! Sounds pretty simple! Where I am lost is I don't see the bolt unless there is some sort of cover over it! Raised on the farm and a mechanic in the military for 12 years! Not a lot of room to work in there so I didn't know if I was just missing something or if there was a special tool to take cap off to get to bolt or what?
Pop the plastic cover off the center of the pulley, there's the bolt!