How to replace side mirror assembly on 1994 Ford Taurus

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I recently broke the mirror assembly on my 94 SHO and would like some help figuring out hoe to replace it. I have the new assembly, but have no idea how to replace it. Any suggestions?
(2) Answers
The side mirrors are usually secured from inside the door, That means removing the door panel and possibly the glass, I would stop by your local body shop and bring the mirror and ask them how much to replace the mirror, Usually most body shops are happy to do little jobs because they figure someday you'll be back , Removing the door panel and glass is a tough job if your not a bodyman
repair manuals usually say how to do it. Autozone has the repair guide on their website for free. It says you need to remove the door trim panel to access the mounting hardware for the outside mirrors. If it's a non-power mirror the door trim doesn't need to come off. Door trim can be tricky without the panel tools