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2007 Saturn Vue Question: How to replace rear wheel ABS speed sensor

ABS and TC light came on. Had right side sensor replaced. Cost $250 at dealership. Now left side sensor gone out. I want to see if this is do-able for the novice. Anyone know the steps to replace this sensor? -
Answer 1
very easy repair take off the drum and do not remove the brake shoes just loosen front shoe use a allen head to remove we get paid 20 minutes to change these under warranty -
Comment 1
My brakes recently started making a horrible noise when I come to a complete stop. Not screetching. Feels like there is air or pressure build up when i push them in all the way. Replaced pads and still no help. Could this be the ABS motor or something? -
Comment 2
Was it like a chattering noise or feel like sonething was rubbing against the splines of the drive shaft? -