How To replace rear brake pads on 2006 Mercury Montego

When replacing rear brake pads, how do you compress
rear calipers

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I believe that the rear calipers on this vehicle have pistons that have to be pushed back and twisted in at the same time with a special tool. The tool looks like a cube with spikes on it. Any part store should have one for sale pretty cheap.
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they screw in. you must have a special caliper tool to do this. you can rent them at auto zone. a c-clamp will not work. you will just bend your clamp or bust your knuckles trying. I did. after they are changed, you have to work your emergency brake over and over or only your outside pad will be doing all the work. this will ajust the inside pad against your rotor.
did the screw thing for hours it didnt move, did acura integra the week before the same style and it went right back in. do you have to do the beeder valve on the ford, mercury to get it to go back in while truning ????
Slowly with a big c-clamp
open the bleeder screw to release the pressure. The pressure regulator of the ABS will not tolerate this much fluid going in reverse, New regulator $1000.00
Open the bleed screw as you push back the brake piston so fluid in the caliper is pushed out the bleeder and doesn't allow debris to be pushed back into the brake master cylinder. When all work is finished take a shot of brake fluid from each wheel to ensure no air has entered the system. Top up the fluid pump the brake pedal and then test drive.
had to screw the piston all the way out before I could get it to screw in. you CAN NOT get it to move with a C clamp. the ceramic pads I put in only lasted 36000 miles. I just replaced the calipers with rebuilt ones. ( I still have the original ceramic pads in front with 53000 miles.)