How to replace plastic gear inside driver power seat mechanism? on 2004 Toyota Sienna

My driver side power seat would not move on the left rail. Right rail would try to move but left rail would not move at all.

I unbolted the seat, and took apart the "gearbox" which drives the seat on the rail. Inside, was a plastic gear which was attached to the metal threaded rod which moves the seat on it's track. The plastic piece was worn out, so the motor would not engage the threaded rod.

This plastic piece was attached to the metal rod. I could not find a way to remove this gear cleanly without breaking it.

My actual question is how do I remove this plastic gear?

I can go to a junk yard and find the gear I need, but how do I get it off the metal rod without breaking it? Or do I somehow need to remove the entire metal rod? If so, how do I do it?

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your local wrecking yard will most likely want to sell u the whole assm so call and see
Greg, I found the part I need and almost put everything back together again.

But I cannot figure out where the air bag connector supposed to go to. The seat has side airbags in the back cushion. The connector that goes to the right airbag is a two-prong black connector. I cannot figure out where it is supposed to go. If you have access to the Toyota manual, can you let me know where that connector is supposed to go?


What ever came of your seat base repair? I am running into the same issue. Got mine running back and forth with a drill. I imagine Chunking the jammed gear into smaller bits, I know this is just temporary and wondered how you cam out. Where you found the gear for the worm drive. Etc...
First, I managed to find a replacement track. It was not easy as most junk yards are swept clean of new parts by junk dealers. I had to buy the track from a dealer. Actually, I purchased the whole seat. Left side of the track can be taken apart to get at the drive shaft with the gear attached to it. So, if the left side (as you sit on the seat) is the damaged side, the whole job is about 20 minutes. Otherwise you need to transplant your seat onto new track. This took me about 3 hours. Good luck. My seat is working fine now.
Do you remember part number, and approx cost? Thanks
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