how to replace front oil seal 3.8 L on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

anyone have a step by step outline on how to replace the front oil seal on 97 town and country. Does the serpantine belt involve anything with the timing chain?

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Disconnect negative cable from battery.
Raise vehicle on hoist. Remove right wheel and inner splash shield.
Remove drive belt.
Remove crankshaft damper.
Using Tool 6341A to remove oil seal Front Crankshaft Oil Seal - Removal Be careful not to damage that crankshaft seal surface of cover.
Install new seal by using Tool C-4992 Crankshaft Oil Seal - Installation
Place seal into opening with seal spring towards the inside of engine. Install seal until flush with cover.
Install crankshaft pulley using plate L-4524. Thrust Bearing/washer and 5.9 inch screw.
Install drive belt
Install inner splash shield and wheel.
Lower vehicle and connect negative cable to battery.
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If you remove the pulley, the seal can be serviced from the outside, the cover doesn't have to come off. You may need a puller tool for the pulley. You'll need to remove the serpentine drive belt to start with, but it has nothing to do with the chain.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
thanks for the info.