how to replace driver side cv joint and half shaft? on 1993 Dodge Caravan

steering wheel vibration upon accelerating, no apparent noise. seems to be on left, everything is tight, no movement by hand to indicate worn or loose bearings.

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inner joint lateral play is common issue for this vibration.
remove the wheel, remove the caliper and rotor, remove the axle nut, remove the brake hose mounting and abs if equipped, remove the 2 bolts through the strut and pull the spindle towards you to remove the axle splines from the hub.
using a suitable tool, pop out the axle from the trans axle. make sure you use a pan to catch the fluid.

make sure you get it aligned when you are done as you have effected the camber adjustment.

I have a similar issue. The dark brown fluid leaks from the inner boot at the driver side when the van is jacked up each time. A click noise is heard occasionally while making turn. Should I replace the side cv joint, boot and half shaft? What kind of fluid is leaking?