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2004 GMC Yukon Question: How to replace battery

My 2004 Yukon won't start. I want to replace the battery to see if that is the problem but am concerned about damaging the computer. Is there a specific procedure to follow in replacing the battery? -
Answer 1
No "damage" would occur if there is no short created. On modern cars its best to use a memory saver attached to the diagnostic socket under the dash this way you save memory for computers clock radio seats ect...... Disconnect negative connection first, positive second, reattach positive connection fist, negative second. Search youtube I'm sure there is a video clip. If it is the original battery 6 years it is probably due to retire, five years is usually pretty good battery life. -
Comment 1
Patrick, Thanks again. It was the battery and your answer was helpful. Tom -
Answer 2
you can unhook the battery and be ok elecrtically as you install the new one.most auto parts stores sell a memory keeper that runs on a 9v battery and hooks into your cigarette lighter plug if you want to keep your clock and radio settings.cost of part is about $7 bucks with 9v battery. -
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Joe, Replaced the battery and the Yukon started right up. Strangely enough, all the radio settings did not go away. Thanks. Tom -
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