how to replace a starter on 2004 Dodge Intrepid

how to replace a starter

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chrysler buried it.

Disconnect and isolate the battery negative remote cable from remote ground post (Fig. 3).
Raise vehicle.
Fig. 4 Starter
Remove three bolts attaching starter to engine (Fig. 4).
Remove battery positive feed wire from starter.
Remove starter solenoid assembly from transmission housing. Position the starter to gain access to the Connector Positive Assurance (CPA) wiring connector.
Position jack stand beneath engine and slightly lift to relieve pressure from left engine mount.
Remove three left engine mount mounting bolts from engine block.
Jack engine up slightly to give more room to maneuver starter assembly.
Slide rear of starter motor out between catalyst and engine mount.
Disconnect posi-lock starter solenoid connector.
Remove the starter from vehicle.