2007 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2007 Chrysler Town & Country Question: how to replace a rear turn signal light bulb?

2007 town & Country mini van 2007 rear turn signal light is out in the rear but flashes in the front and inside on the dash. -
Answer 1
owners manual don't have one get one T & C's have so many buttons and whistles I've never met an owner who know how everything worked or that vehicle even had a certain feature or capability...and the flashing front and indicator in dash should be flashing at a faster rate telling owner to remove & replace a defective lamp, sometimes it is the connector to lamp -
Comment 1
I changed the light bulb. Bulb looked fine and it didn't fix. Pushed on connector and started working again. Thanks MobileAutoCare! -
Comment 2
where is connector and how do you get to it? is it under the dash or behind the light bezel? -
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