How to replace a front left turn indicator bulb? on 1992 Ford F-150

How do i remove the front left headlight assembly to replace a turn indicator bulb? I see the two screws on top to take out, but do not know what else to do. Thanks.

Asked by for the 1992 Ford F-150
Depending on the position of the bulb, if it is at the outside of the headlight, you should be able to raise the hood and reach bulb from behind the headlight assembly. I would get a small mirror and flashlight to look inside the sheet metal of the fender. The bulb holder should be visible and accessed through that opening in the fender. If you cannot reach it, then you may have to remove the headlight assembly to replace the bulb. If the bulb is below the headlight, you should be able to reach it from below the vehicle. Either way, turn the bulb holders counterclockwise to remove them, also inspect the bulb holders for burn marks from overheating. Sometimes the bulb holders need to be replaced with the bulb to repair function. Good luck.