How to Replace a crankshaft position sensor on 2002 Ford Escort

crankshaft position sensor repair

Asked by for the 2002 Ford Escort
I have a question for YOU first! How do you know that is your problem! Just trying to save YOU some money!! Nothing for me to gain here at all.!!! I'm just a real nice guy that likes helping people out!! (REALLY) I swear!
Well Thanks for the response, I purchased a 2002 Ford Escort from a friend of mine. She was the only owner but did have trouble with the crankshaft position sensor. She did have it repaired in the past and lasted about 2 yrs and the same thing happened again. It just stops while driving and had it towed home. She purchased another vehicle. I really don't want to take it to a garage and spend a fortune to have it repaired. I have someone who can do the repairs for me, He's been working on cars for many years and is willing to help me. I was just trying to find the repair manual for the steps to take to repair or replace the sensor or any other advice why the car continues to have the same issue. Thanks for your time.
IF there is no ignition fire then sesrch youtube for the replacement procedure video.