1992 Lexus SC400 Q&A

1992 Lexus SC400 Question: How to repair dash LED lights and cost.

The dash led lights have become dim or not at all. I was told the only to repair was to replace the dash assembly. -
Answer 1
These Lexus SCs have a special bulb that most likely needs replacing. You most likely do not need to replace the entire assembly. This is a relatively common problem. Sometimes you see things pop up in the forums: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=878 -
Answer 2
Had the same problem with my sc 400 Go to Lextech.org and this company will rebuild your cluster with all new needles and lights for about 150.00 The needles burn out from a surge caused from the dimmer and they also fix that as well. I had a great experience with this company.. This company is located in Tampa... -
Answer 3
Replace the capacitors on the ic board with new higher temp. ones -