how to repair a crank sensor?
on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

when i turn the key it spins but does not start. i changed the spark plugs and put a new coil on. it still wont start. i think it is the crank sensor?

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What engine might be helpful. I suspect a timing belt.
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Pull the spark plugs and check compression, if it is frees spinning its most likely the timing belt
That doesn't sound like spark plugs. It sounds like the starter drive is sticking, either have the starter drive replaced or replace it with a reman or new starter. Its located on the right front of the motor. Can't miss it. Takes two bolts to hold it and one wiring harness plugged into the silonoid. If you decide to replace the starter, disconnect the ground cable to your battery. The negative ground is located on the Strut tower, drivers side. Once you have replaced the starter, connect the ground cable back on the strut tower. You will need to redo your clock and radio after