2004 Ford Escape Q&A

2004 Ford Escape Question: How to remove the right front driveaxle when changing the alternator

I have everything off but the driveaxle. Im not sure how to break it loose. In the manual it says to carefully pry it off with a pry bar or large screwdriver, but it seems like there is something else holding it to the intermediate shaft. -
Answer 1
If you have everything off and it is out of the steering knuckle then all there is left to do is pry it out. Once you break it free a little bit it will come right out. It might just have a little rust freeze so spray a little penetrating oil on it and try again. You may have to 'shock it' out a little with a hammer. -
Answer 2
Contact me at rbthhn821@gmail.com and I can email you the factory instructions. -