How to remove the Manual Transmission? on 1990 Volkswagen Jetta

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We have managed to disconnect everything per the repair manual but as we try to pull the transmission out, the flange from the Output shaft is catching on the flywheel. No matter what contorted effort we make, we cannot maneuver the flange passed the flywheel ... suggestions please?
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You have to rotate the transmission itself upwards to clear this. Look for a cut out or notch for the passenger side drive flange to clear. Some even remove the flange.
In addition the drivers side drive shaft has to be dropped completely out of the way. This require some of the drivers side strut assembly to be loosened for clearance.
The transmission removal is best done with two guys as the proverbial "twisting turning motion" is required ......
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I can remember it being awkward and frustrating to remove. I had remove the engine mounts and brackets completely and supporting the engine by jacking it up and shifting it around. The passenger side half shaft flange kept fouling the back of the flywheel but I kept twisting things around until I was able to get the transmission to drop down but it was frustrating.
Yes indeed that is the procedure. I am presently trying it on my own in my workshop! It is a terrible design! No room whatsoever (hardly)..... May have to take the passenger side flange for the transaxle off. ( where the axle attaches )

Robert: Abbotsford BC Canada
Unbolt the flywheel
Thank you for the thought of unbolting the flywheel. I also considered this but this is not possible as the flywheel is bolted to the clutch plate and the clutch plate is bolted to the Crankshaft and there is not enough room to get a tool inside the bell housing to get near any of the nouts or bolts :(
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u need an extention on your socket rench so that it makes it longer
A few quick tips:
Removing the flywheel won't help.
Removing the flange requires fabrication/purchase of a tool to compress the spring behind the flange.
Rotating to TDC is of NO HELP on Mk2/A2 cars and later...there is no cutout in "newer" 210mm flywheels.

Easy way? Completely remove driver's side axle shaft. Buy a replacement axle nut and set aside. Support engine with jack and flat piece of wood. Remove front and driver's side engine/trans mount screws. Load up the engine support jack without lifting the engine. Cut a 2x4 the width of the engine bay so it sits in the flat areas between the fenders. Wrap a good ratchet strap around the 2x4 and hook the other side to the lift hole in the center of the transaxle. Make sure the ratchet strap is snug. As was suggested, you'll have to rotate the transaxle to clear the bottom of the engine block and flywheel. Lift up on the back, rotate the differential housing toward the top of the engine, hold, and simultaneously move the front of the trans out and away from the flywheel. Takes a bit of getting used to, but having that support will really help.

Since you've got the transaxle out, replace the rear main seal on the engine, the input shaft large and small seals, and the pushrod brass bushing. If you want that transaxle to last, have a good transmission shop install a bolt kit. Good luck and have fun!
move the engine to top deadcenter so the flange will pass.