2003 Hyundai Sonata Q&A

2003 Hyundai Sonata Question: How to remove the harmonic balancer and what all is involved in replacing it?

Origional balancer had the rubber sleve on it and the new replacement does not. -
Answer 1
Look at the new balancer,are there any threaded holes to use puller? If so old one should be the same. I bet the new one has got a rubber sleeve also it just dosent look like it. -
Comment 1
New balancer has 1 offset hole and 1 center hole. Part # is 594-268. Think it's an OE replacement. Not sure on the rubber sleeve. Grooves look like they are metal. -
Comment 2
The rubbr sleeve you see is an internal part of the bal.you should not be able to see this part,that is what is wrong with it.The new one is what the old one looked like at one time. If you don't have the proper tools and skill level strongly recommend seeking prof.help. -
Comment 3
Dang. Was hoping it was an easy fix. Will the old one need pulled off with a puller? I have all the tools so there isn't an issue. Just HATE working on cars other than my 60's and 70's vintage classics!! -
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Yea,i know what you mean but todays cars are loaded with fragile parts say crank sensors and stuff. There is prob.a special tool for this job. Some of these bal.come off fairly easy try old school 2 pry bar but be very careful as not to do more damage than good. May cost a lot more than a mechanic! -
Comment 5
Will an old school pulley puller work? How tight is it on the crank? -
Comment 6
Try it and see how tight it is if you have room for it,i dont know. Good luck. -
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Thank You!!! Gonna work on it today after work!!! -
Comment 8
U welcom,remember to check the seal,if not to much trouble replace it. Lube new bal.to protect seal when installing. Don't hammer on bal. to hard try to push back on with longer bolt. How about the belt? You prob.got one. Good luck! -