How to remove intake manifold , I can't tell how it is removed. on 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Are the electric contacts into block from intake manifold? High idle no code lights. Replced water pump, radiator and fan cluch had high idle with reaction to carb cleaner toward fire wall.

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A high ldle condition can also indicate a vacuum leak at one of the many emission system hoses. Carefully inspect all hoses for cracks, splits, swelling. If you still want to remove the intake manifold, here are the basic instructions: .Disconnect the battery negative cable. .Remove the air inlet hose and resonator from the throttle body and air cleaner Air Cleaner, Resonator and air Inlet Hose..Loosen the accessory drive belt tension and remove the belt from the power steering pump. Remove the power steering pump and brackets from the water pump and intake manifold. Secure power steering pump and bracket out of the way. .Perform fuel system pressure release procedure. .Disconnect fuel supply tube from the fuel rail. Some fuel lines require a special tool for removal/installation Disconnect the accelerator cable, the cruise control cable (if equipped), and the transmission line pressure cable (if equipped) from the throttle body and remove them from the cable bracket
CAUTION: When disconnecting the cruise control connector at the throttle body, DO NOT pry the connector off with pliers or screwdriver. Use finger pressure only. Prying the connector off could break it.
Disconnect the electrical connectors. Pull the harnesses away from the manifold and secure them so they do not interfere with the manifold removal and installation process. The throttle position sensor. ◦The idle air control motor. The coolant temperature sensor at the thermostat. ◦The manifold air temperature sensor at the intake manifold. ◦The fuel injectors.
◦The oxygen sensor. .Disconnect the crankcase ventilation (CCV) vacuum hose and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor vacuum hose connector at the intake manifold. .Disconnect vacuum hose from vacuum port on the intake manifold. .Disconnect CCV hose at the cylinder head cover Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Hose. .Remove the molded vacuum harness. .Disconnect the vacuum brake booster hose at the intake manifold. .Remove bolts 2 through 5 securing the intake manifold to the cylinder head . Slightly loosen bolt No.1 and nuts 6 and 7.. .Remove the intake manifold and gaskets. Drain the coolant from the manifold.