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2006 Acura TL Question: How to remove gear shift cover

Spilled coffee on the gear shift & lower console of my '06 TL two days ago. All electrical is working & car has driven fine until today. Now I can't get it out of Park (the brake lights do work, however). Appears the coffee has gummed up the works. Gonna try spraying some contact fluid before having it towed for repair. How do I remove the black plate surrounding the shifter without removing the entire console? Or is that even possible? Thanks in advance. -
Answer 1
No need for an answer after all; after reviewing similar Q&A's on this site, I was able to fix it by removing the console covers over the shifter and then cleaning the area carefully with distilled water & alcohol. My husband is proud of me & my wallet is greatly relieved. Thanks to all who have provided such helpful information - this website rocks!! -