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1998 GMC Jimmy Question: how to remove big nut on clutch/ fan to remove water pump, & is it a reverse

treaded ? Book says hold pump pulley then remove ,but how? thanks for HELP!!! -
Answer 1
" Long" rod 1/2"dia.or so,& hammer.Fan threads right hand,place rod or punch or chisel on large nut so as to turn to your left (counter ciock) &strike with hammer. Works every time. Works a lot better with belt installled!! Now,there are tools just for this but the tools i mentioned befor work really well. -
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Thx for quick response i fixem, I'll give it a try this Sunday& let u know if successful!!! -
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If you have access to an air chisel with long attachment even better than a hammer. Don't try to cut the big hex nut, angle as to turn it cc. Install the fan the opposite way but it doesent take a lot of torque!! Just 2or3 licks will do as it will try to tighten itself when engine starts. Old school. -
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I thought it was a reverse nut? If I'm facing front of car wouldn't I turn it clock wise to loosen ? So I hit chisel clock wise that would loosen it, right ? cc (right to left )would tighten the nut? I'm ready to work on pump but now I'm not sure which way to turn nut. Shouldn't I place chissel on right side of nut ? Sorry I'm not understanding u -
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Standing in front of car turn nut to your LEFT standard threads on fan ciutch !!. -
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Standing in front of car turn nut to your LEFT standard threads on fan ciutch !!. Turning nut to your left IS counter clock!!!! Works a lot better with belt installed!!!! -
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In the same boat how do I brace the fan brackets and pullys are out and don't know how to brace and no wrench jus monkey wrench and sockets screw drivers hammers..... -
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Are you going to replace the water pump? If so dont worry about it if you damage the pulley on pump, wedge something between pulley and pump body to keep pulley from turning then use method above to remove fan. Now is this the 4.3L? -