How to remove and replace AC Mode Actuator on 2002 GMC Yukon? on 2002 GMC Yukon

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I've been told my AC Mode Actuator is bad. I'd like to replace it myself but I am having trouble getting to it. Can this be done without remove any of the dash, and what tool can reach the bolt/screws holding it in. Is there a trick to putting the new one in correctly; anything have to be lined up.
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It's behind the glove box...remove the glove box and you will see a three wire plug going to it with two screws that are 7 mm socket.
Thanks, but it's not the one there that controls the amount of heat going through the system, but the one to the right of the driver under the mid-console area that controls which vents the air comes out of.
I've read a few post about it and it seems my main issues are the same as other do it yourselfers have faced. 1) Getting to the unit and the screws that hold it in place and 2) being unsure on what all has to be re-aligned up to get the new one back in. Still trying to decide if this is something I can do. Just don't want to pay the high price quote I got for someone to do it.
Any additonal feedback/advice would be appreciated.