How to remove air filter cover in 2002 Eurovan on 2002 Volkswagen EuroVan

I took off the engine cover, and removed the Cabin filter and found the air filter cover and one clip on the lower right rectangle of the cover. Does the hose need to be removed, and can't find any other clips. There is a circular tube on the right side of the cover with some press clips, I tried pressing, but still can't get the cover off, something else is holding it down please help?

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I have a 99 EV, not sure if much changed - but I doubt it.

There are probably 2 hoses going into the air filter. the small hose is the 2nd-ary air intake, the first is the hose that goes into your Mass Airflow Sensor. You can unclip that and take that whole tube off. Cleaning out the MAF with MAF Sensor Cleaner is highly suggested.

There is probably 2 clips for your Air Filter - and I always un-plug the MAF before getting into the air filter.