Popups: How to Pick a Repair Shop or Dealership

To ensure you find and receive high quality work from a repair shop or dealership, look for the following:

  • Training and certification of technicians
    • Have they been factory-trained by the automaker?
    • Have they been certified by the ASE?
    • Is it an ASE Blue Seal shop?
  • What type of parts will they be using on your vehicle?
    • Do they use the original parts (OEM) manufactured for your vehicle?
    • Look for other quality parts such as those provided by ACDelco, Bosch, CARQUEST, NAPA, OReilly, etc.
    • Look for a lifetime warranty on all installed parts
  • Is the shop or dealership a member of any high quality consumer or trade organizations?
    • Does certification or membership provide a comprehensive warranty on the parts and labor of their work?
  • Does the shop or dealership have positive customer reviews?
    • Look for consistent, credible, and authentic feedback from multiple sources over time
  • Does the repair shop or dealership offer a warranty on parts and labor?
    • The longer the warranty, the more trust a business has in their employees and parts