How to open the hood on 1993 Ford Crown Victoria

the latch in the car releases the hood but the latch under the hood on the outside of the car does not want to release...what am i doing wrong?

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Have someone pull hood release while you bump hood at front center with your hand, when hood opens lube the latch assem.
and hinges!
That worked; however, when I reset the lock assembly to approximate original, all failed: hood is still locked-down. Under-chassis release manuovre failed. Cannot make hood open maually at this point.
Did you lube the latch like i suggested while it was open? W-D 40 works! For a while.
Do you mean you have the hood open and locked the latch back and can't unlock it now?
DEFINE RESET THE LOCK. I am sure you did not try to do any adjustments, right?
When all you needed was a little oil on the hood latch.
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or seek help removing grill to access cable or latch assm
Did that from underneath, but lock fails to respond.
possibly it is sticking or the spring is weak...
spring not intergral: coiled,twisted,non-symentryical appearance.
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