How to loosen drive belt? Idler pully replacement. on 1996 Chevrolet Camaro

My Camaro has a strange sound coming from an idler pully due to worn out bearings. I just need to release tension on the drive belt to get it replaced. What is the proper way to loosen and tighten the belt for this repair?

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Make a drawing of the correct routing of the belt showing all the pulleys. Move the tensioner clockwise to release tension on the belt to remove.
The belt diagram is labeled on the fan cover so it should make it easier. Where is the tensioner bolt? none of the documentation shows where it is. Some say it is near the alternator. I don't want to accidentally loosen the wrong bolts.

I also am beginning to wonder if i got the wrong idle pulley. The one needing replacement is above the air conditioner pulley and has rails. The one O'Reily AP got me was smooth. Is this the wrong part?
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Think I'll mention this here, since I fixed your problem in person. The retentioner on a Camaro is very easy, and spring loaded. the bolt to turn is the one in the middle of the idle pully below the alternator pulley. When I replaced the belt on the Camaro, I just put my full weight on the ratchet on that bolt, and it will give way to release the belt. dont worry you wont break it, just make sure its turning clockwise.