how to locate #4 cylinder on 1998 Ford F-150

got the code po304 but i dont know which is the #4 cylinder.
i need advice on how to find it

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hope this helps
Order is : 13726548 Passenger side front to back is 1234 Driver side front to back is 5678
i changed the #4 plug and boot but it made no diffrence .should i change the coil pack?????
i realy need suggestions
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It could be the #4 fuel injector.I have seen once so bad injector that sprayed so mutch fuel into cylinder that caused a hydrolock that damaged(bent) the connection rod and cylinder lost some compression. Other shop changed all ignition parts and injector but car was still misssing.I checked compression ratio and find low compression in that cylinder.
It's not a fuel injector. It's a bad coil. Let us not make this a doom and gloom problem.
Sorry but i am thinking as a mechanic and i assumed that you checked #4 cylinder for spark before assembly.