how to install fuel pump on 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

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fuel pump does not work
(2) Answers
You'll want to run the fuel down to an almost empty tank. Next, raise the truck so that you'll be able to access the holding straps, and the hoses. Once the tank is loose it will drop down a little so that you can undo the hoses from their holding loops (they snap into various holders). The tank will then drop down far enough so you can access the fuel pump which is held in place with a friction ring (again, very obvious to see)! Be sure to look at the configuration of the plugs on top of the pump and unplug the wires. After removing the old pump, and you've followed the instructions on how to install the new pump, you'll be ready to reinstall the gas tank. The procedure is very simple, yet it can take some time. Be patient...and if you have an extra pair of hands, it might be a little easier.