how to install an oil tempature guage, to the block or to the oil pan on 1998 Jeep Cherokee

install a mechanical oil tempature guage, to the block or the oil pan? What adaptors do I need. Can it go to the oil pressure guage is there an adaptor for this thaqt will fit the tube and then the pressure sender?

Asked by for the 1998 Jeep Cherokee
you can buy guages and they have a variety of adapters to make it work. the pressure guage will work from the block and the oil temp will come from the pan.

what is the adaptor that I would need if I run it from the oil pan drain plug. Will it report an acurate reading? Or should I find an oil filter sandwich adaptor, like for an oil cooler but has an additional fitting for the temp guage? If so where to find this adaptor that has all tree ports?