how to get the air bleeder out of 2005 Dodge Magnum on 2005 Dodge Magnum

I have lifted the air bleeder and broken the seal now I have to replace the whole housing! I cannot seem to get it off, I have looosened the nuts but cannot get it budge at all! Can anyone help at assiting me to get it off and to get it back on?

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You failed to mention which engine you have in your vehicle. If you have a 3.7L/4.7L, there is a hex head plug at the top of the thermostat housing. Since you say you "broke the seal" remove the plug by whatever means necessary and replace the plug using MOPAR thread sealant on the threads. Here is the standard procedure for filling the cooling system. Fill cooling system with coolant, Fill coolant reserve/overflow tank to MAX mark on bottle.
Start and operate engine until thermostat opens (upper radiator hose warm to touch). If necessary, add coolant to the coolant recovery container. This is done to maintain coolant level between the MAX and MIN marks. The level in the coolant recovery container may drop below the MIN mark after three or four warm-up and cool-down cycles.