How to get shifter out of park with dead battery on 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

brake won't release shifter from park.

Asked by for the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country
Got jumper cables? Need to start it anyway to drive it, unless you just want to push it out of the way or tow it.
Thanks for the non answer.

I found the real answer in the service manual, which I own, but there's no good search function.

Anyway, there is a little plastic cap near the shifter, remove it and push the release inside. Obvious once you know it's there.

(I'd answer the original question, but the system won't let a person answer his own question.)
Ok so you got it out of park, now what?? Pretty sure a jump start would have the same results, and you could drive it too!
One of the all too common problems with Chryslers of this vintage is that the so called key, won't turn. Thus no ignition on, no start, no drive. With the front wheels locked in park and the front end inaccessible, you can't even tow it. Un-locking the wheels, allows it to be pushed or towed clear, and then towed in the best way, with front end lifted,
Yeah i know all of this, your point is?
The point is: A jumper cable won't solve the problem. Let's quit this and move on to something more useful. I'm game if yoy are.