How to flush the fuel system of bad gas? on 2002 Toyota 4Runner

2002 toyota 4runner with supercharger needs fuel system cleaned up due to bad tank of gas.

If you got a bad fill of gas complain to the gas station they have insurance and may have had other complaints. The labor to remove the gas tank is about two hours if you felt the gas tank its self needed to be boiled out to clean it. I dont thing the tank has a drain plug but you can remove the lower gas tank shield and look. The truck does have a replaceable fuel filter under the truck in the metal line between the fuel tank and fuel rail. Definitely replace that and maybe replace it again in 10000 miles.
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What made the gas bad? Do you know if damage was done to your car?

If there is not any damage, the best thing to do is to run a high-quality gasoline with detergents, from Chevron, or Shell, or one of the other major, name-brand refiners. You may also want to use Chevron's gasoline additive--which you can get at a service station for 8 bucks or so and add to your gas tank.

If you think there is damage, you should go to a shop soon to make sure you don't do more by continuing to drive.