1997 Dodge Neon Q&A

1997 Dodge Neon Question: how to fix the millage? (Dodge Neon 1997)

the kilometer, meter broke, it won't move. i don't know how fast or slow i run on the road. and it starts freaking me out. -
Answer 1
I have the same exact problem with my 1997 Neon. When I attempted to get it repaired, it cost me $100 and they said they needed to sauder a connection on the circuit board behind the dash board and that it wouldn't be a permanent fix. Well it worked for less than a week. The mechanic told me the only way to fix it was to go to a junkyard and get a whole dash board and have it put in. I never did that. It was too much trouble and too much time. I just drive it w/out the speedometer and it is very annoying. I agree. -