How to fix passenger headlite harness short in wire? on 2006 Ford F-150

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had an unexperienced friend put my hid in and connected wrong wires and shorted out the headlight the passenger headlight socket won't work is it a blown fuse or what? How do I fix this myself?
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Each head lamp has it's own fuse.
Some vehicles are different.
I looked up 2006 Ford F150--4.6

The fuse cover panel cover is lower left of steering column.

Left head lamp fuse should be F2.25

Right head lamp fuse should be F2.31

Left side of fuse panel top to bottom there's a row of fuses that have a row of 6 fuses.
Next row has 7 fuses from top to bottom.The fifth fuse down is(F2.25) and sixth fuse down is(F2.31)
Ignore the last post which is a little way off.

Passengers side fuse panel;

Right headlamp=F23
Left headlamp=F25

Both are 10 amp fuses.