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2007 Chrysler Aspen Question: How to fix P3441

Diagrams and in-depth detail on how to manually fix this issue would be greatly appreciated -
Answer 1
This diagnosis and repair is best left to a Qualified Technician at your local Dealership. P3441-MDS SOLENOID 6 CIRCUIT Theory of Operation When all criteria has been met, power is supplied to each MDS Solenoid when the engine is making a transition from 8 cylinder mode to 4 cylinder mode. By actuating the solenoid, oil pressure is raised to the pair of lifters that coincide with each particular solenoid. The oil pressure pushes in the locking pins that allows the lifter to collapse, decoupling the valves and camshaft. When Monitored:: Transition from 8 to 4 cylinder mode. Set Condition: When the PCM recognizes a problem with the Solenoid Control circuit. Possible Causes (K453) MDS SOLENOID NO.6 CONTROL SHORT TO VOLTAGE (K453) MDS SOLENOID NO.6 CONTROL SHORT TO GROUND (K453) MDS SOLENOID NO.6 CONTROL OPEN (Z903) GROUND CIRCUIT OPEN MDS SOLENOID NO.6 POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE (PCM) -
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this dodge shows an open circuit on cylinder6 on the mds solinoid what need to be done to correct this -
Answer 2
Where is this located on the Chrysler Aspen 2007? -