How to fix oil plug that won't tighten? Think nut welded inside oil pan broken. on 2002 Saturn SL1

Was doing oil change, plug might have got cross threaded, now just spins but won't tighten. Think pan has to come off, but not sure best way to do.

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Can you still remove the drain plug?... IS this pan stamped steel or aluminum?? IF stamped steel.. Metal plate for the drain plug that's spot welded inside pan has broken loose... Got to come off for repair or replacement. New steel pan is about $50.00.... IF aluminum.. See answer 1.
The drain plug just spins but doesn't come out, its a steel pan. So far what I've found sounds like the pan needs replaced since it isn't possible to remove without damaging it. Thanks for your answer.
Check eBay for a 'new' oil pan...... Then shop local parts stores for price comparison. No more than it cost, best to replace it anyway!
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rethread with a tap and die kit