How to fix my convertible top? on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

When my top was raised down it got stuck. The windows raised up and down but the convertible top would not go back up. I had to go to Autozone and had it forced up manually so I could close it. He said that these cars have been know to have hydraulics problems. Also, The right passenger car door squeaks every time it is opened. How do i get rid of that noise/

by in Seattle, WA on May 01, 2013
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ANSWER by on May 02, 2013
I dont know much about the top problem but a little WD-40 sprayed on the hinges should help that door squeak!
COMMENT by on May 02, 2013
Thanks for letting me know that. Now if I can find a solution to the other problem that would help. It is going to be summer soon and I would like to be able to ride with my top down. Lol. Thanks again...
COMMENT by on May 02, 2013
Got ya! I dont know who does that kind of work, maybe a speciality shop. I have worked on most everything but this! Someone can help i am sure.
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