1992 Honda Accord Q&A

1992 Honda Accord Question: How to fix engine problem. Start working for a few minutes and stop.

I visit a lot of mechanics and no one has been able to repair my problem. A lot of parts has been change and start working for a couple of time a short period of time and stop working again. Engine will not start again. -
Answer 1
Distributer and main relay included in the list of parts? -
Answer 2
The Main Relay Switch will typically go out during the summer months for some reason. June is when mine when out. It costs about $50 at Advance Auto and as long as you have no problem becoming a contortionist, you should have no problem changing it yourself. It is located up under the steering column. There's a silver box (cruise control) and it is under that. I suggest looking for a picture of its location on Google if you are unsure. -
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