how to fix cracked or warped head? on 1990 Honda Accord

Not long after discovering a leak on and or. around the radiato. the car overheated on the interstate. After allowing 3 to 4 hours for. the car to cool it started & we were able to bring it home. We then noticed water in the oil & assumed it was due to a blown head gasket. We've since? replaced the head gasket only to find water in the oil all over again! We've been told by numerous people that this is a sure sign that the head is either warped or.cracked. My question is this: is there an affordable do it yourself way to repair this on your own?

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And you could have the head 'pressure tested & checked for straightness at a machine shop. Or you could get a good used motor. Or you could get a rebuilt cylinder head. And while you're in there , replace the water pump and cam , balance shaft and crank seals.
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yes, you could buy a repair manual