How to fix a problem with this vehicle have a multiple misfire problem? on 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

getting code P0300 already have new plugs and wires. some one told me transmission but I do not agree. I really need to know where to look

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This ignition system can be scoped, fairly easy, suggest having that done! Now if you are just going to throw parts on it start with a new complete distributor and ignition coil. 'Scanner' will also do misfire test and show which cylinder(s) are affected.
Transmission, NO!!!
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Is this an S-10 or Full-Size? Which engine? DEFINITELY NOT TRANSMISSION!!!!!
may need to change the coil pack out with new one - and make sure plugs have correct gap setting on them - a transmission has nothing to do with a engine misfiring, whole different ballgame - hope this helps