how to find the temperature sending unit on a 3.0L 95 ford ranger?replace? on 1995 Ford Ranger

Where is the temperature sending unit located on a 3.0L 95 ford ranger?replace?

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Yahoo image view and enter your info. Single wire connector on the unit for the temp. gauge.
I can't access the image?
Your question was for the temp. sending unit, this is for the dash gauge is that the problem?
Go buy one and you will have to be able to find it!!
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BA that's assuming he means temp gage or engine coolant temp sensor for the fuel delivery system.
I know, but we have to assume it is temp. sender according to the question.
Just like we talked about, you know. And you know what they say about assumption.
This is the temp. sensor. I have the new one here. It screws in the block and has the clip on connector with 2 leads inside the plastic housing.
Not what you ask for! Sensor is another deal. You don't see this on your engine???? You just said what needs to be done to replace it.
Do it. It is in the INTAKE. Thats all i got!
Sorry, for the miscommunication. I can't find where it goes on the engine?
We as experienced auto techs could be a lot more helpful if we could help fixing the problem not a guess from a novice who is just shooting parts at the problem. It would be nice to know why this person thinks he knows the ENGINE COOLANT TEMP sensor is being replaced. Probably had it scanned free at a auto parts store and they told him it has a bad sensor.