How to extract transmission ie clutch on 1991 Honda Accord

My clutch was slipping, So I believed to replace it. (5 speed)
I am having a difficult time removing the transmission.
I would like to know if there is a specific method I need to know to remove it and separate it from the engine. Is it necessary to remove the engine? Both wheels and suspensions are loose at this moment but the transmission does not want to drop out easily. Any leads? Thank you for your response. GHK

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Disconnect the battery and remove the air ducting . Remove the speed sensor connector, ground strap, and clutch slave cylinder. Remove the starter, support the engine, disconnect the tie rod ends, open and separate the bottom ball joints, remove the long bolt that goes through both lower control arms, remove both half shafts. The long shaft has a support bearing, detach it from the engine block. The axles pry straight out of the transmission. Replace the half shaft seals when you have the transmission out. Support the engine and drop the transmission downward. After removing the transmission make sure the flywheel is serviceable, if not have the flywheel surfaced at a machine shop. Be careful!!!!! Support the vehicle properly!