how to disable overdrive in 2006 nissan pathfinder. on 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

have one shettering when goes into overdrive.
if i can disable it how?

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Turn the overdrive off with the OD button! Better have trans and radiator both checked!!! Possible coolant leaking into trans fluid, common on this vehicle and if that is the case it will destory your transmissio! .........Ok, just like greg said!
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ck trans fluid for poss water inside, could be trans cooler leaking and causing this issue.they are very well known for this issue
Get a good brand of transmission conditioner, it would be better if you serviced your transmission first.
but how do i disable overdrive?
You would have to go into the transmission and disable the lock up solenoid, but then you are asking for more issues it that is disabled on these newer vehicles. Try the conditioner to see if it helps with the washboard effect, if your just trying to get rid of that.