How to diagnose sudden coolant leak/major leak ? on 1996 Mercedes-Benz S500

Went through two containers of coolant after seeing white steam come from exhaust. No oil/coolant mix as of yet. Haappened during hard exceleration. Drove home and refilled,two containers leaked out within 15 minutes.

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A vehicles cooling system is of essence to the motor. Its best not to take these type of problems lightly. Have a knowledgable shop pressure test the cooling system for leaks. A coolant leak is relatively easy to find.
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This could be a major issue you should check to se if there is a milky looking fluid ( oil and water do mix in high heat and pressure turns to a milky sludge ) SO check your oil for this and also check your coolant by removing radiator cap look for the milky sludge if you see it in either one of these places you have a blow head gasket sorry also the antifreeze will burn off and give you whitish colored smoke NOT GOOD!!!!!!
I did check the oil reserve and found no milky sludge, however I could not check the coolant because all cooalnt has drained. Even after refilling after vehicle cooled, the repalcement coolant drained directly out onto the garage floor. I did get the white "what looked to be steam" and I see this becuase it left steam deposit "beeds" on trunk area but no oily residue mixed in. No wet carpet etc