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2003 Toyota 4Runner Question: how to clear codes

how to clear ABS and VCS codes on a toyota sienna 2004 -
Answer 1
did you have the problem diaged and repaired?? If not, the light will return. you need a code reader that has the ability to clear the light. Roy Roy -
Comment 1
If I buy a code reader and clear the code do you think it will come back and whats the code for -
Comment 2
it comes on for a reason and the reason must be diaged by a real shop with a real tech and them they can give you a bid. there are over 1500 possible codes so guessing here is not an option without knowing the code. Roy -
Answer 2
Many generic code readers don't have full diagnostic capabilities for ABS and stability control issues. -
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It sat for 2 years in Phoenix heat. Replaced any questionable vacuum lines. Vehicle running rich carbon residue at tailpipe exit