how to check transmission fluid on a manual transmission on 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

I cant find any info on this

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you have to go underneath. unscrew drain plug just enough to collect a sample and screw it back in. should be transparent. if not than due for a change. unscrew fill plug fully to gain access to fluid. fluid should be level to bottom of fill plug. if it needs change, then refer to owners manual for correct grade gear oil(not tranny fluid).
yes gear oil is used. and yes all transmissions have to be lubricated, dont want someone to look for your standard redish color trans fluid when gear oil is a clear color lubricant. The task of doing this check may best be left to a professional, because of the location of the drain plug.
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manual trans dont use trans fluid, what is the problem youre having?
every transmission uses fluid, if its in the transmission its transmission fluid. correct?
manual tranny's use gear oil. check manual for grade.